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What are brogues?

February 01, 2017 Thomas Warburton


Strange way to introduce ourselves? Perhaps so. However, as shoe experts, we thought it’d be useful to clear up the simple term we give to our commonly worn, everyday shoe, the brogue.

Brogues, as you may already be aware, derived from the Gaelic and trace their birth place back in Ireland, where the perforations were designed to drain out water when worn to cross wet stretches of swampland.

What is a full brogue?

A full brogue simply refers to the ‘W’ shaped decorative broguing pattern that runs from the centre of the toe cap and along both sides. This looks similar to a bird extending its wings, hence the name ‘wingtips’ given in the US.

What is a half brogue?

A half brogue (or semi brogue) is where the decorative perforation runs across the toe and in the centre of the toe cap.

And finally, what is a quarter brogue?

Quarter brogues are identified by the decorative broguing along the cap's edge. These are considered a more formal shoe. 

Jenet and Jones brogue

So, let’s talk about our suede ‘Desert Brogue’... clearly a full brogue designed for fashion purposes, rather than its original purpose for walking through wet swampland. We suggest combining our sandy brogue with blue or black slim fitted jeans.   

Desert Brogues

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